I wanted to share this with everyone since many businesses I work with (both clients and partnerships) do all use the same communication methods. I know that seems obvious to most readers, but after thinking about it, there may be things you do not always consider regarding that communication.

I have had clients reach out tons of different ways. Skype, text, email, Go-to-meeting, and even call me on the phone. Yes, a phone call (who does that anymore?) There are infinite means of communicating in business. However, there are many reasons that patience is KEY in communication. We live in a society where we get angry if someone does not text us back right after we text them. The impatient – I need it now – “what the hell is taking so long” society has made us all this way. It is not our fault. However, at the same time, it is COMPLETELY our fault. We know, as people, this is an issue. Many of us have commented on it with a tweet or a Facebook post. Personally, I find that genuinely ironic. There is one question we do not consider as often as we should:

What is going on the other end of the line? What’s the reason they have not gotten back to me?

It could be as bad as the business deal ended and that person is telling you with radio silence. Although it could be as simple as that person is driving somewhere can don’t text and drive. As people, we instantly go to the worst case scenario. What happened? What did I do wrong? Did I drop the ball on this? Did you cover your end of the deal? Double check to make sure the email sent to the right emails. Resend it from another email. Check the paperwork for errors and things. More often than not, the other person received everything, and it just got lost in the shuffle of daily life. So it is not anyone’s fault. Life gets in the way. It happens. If they are still on board for a project, they will get back to you. After all, you impact their business and income in some way shape or form – especially, if it helps to move that business forward. However, if the project goes for a month or so without a response, it may not be worth waiting. It is hard to figure out what is the best length of time. Trust your gut, I guess. There is nothing definitive. You have to use your best judgment.

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