diy or hire a professional

In recent weeks, a lot has gone one here for Mr. D Studios. Although most were only small steps, there were a lot of steps taken. but with every step, every change, came more new questions.

Being based out of the Greater Pittsburgh, you get to know the general culture of your geography. Pittsburgh and the Greater Pittsburgh Area are very hands on, and blue-collar to say the least. That is a big reason in why Pittsburgh has an immense small business population. However, the hands on approach that Pittsburgh business are known for has brought a very understandable question to the front of the line:

“DIY or hire a professional.”

With services like Squarespace and WIX, “DIY” is a high viable option. 

After researching it, the answer seems to come down to two major things: time and simplicity.


Are you going to have to time to not only setup, but also support, your website? 

While setting up a site is relatively quick, there maybe an administrative back-end to learn, and actually putting the information into the site. Those three factors are where massive amounts of time goes with a website. Time is REALLY consumed if there are products or services being offered in an e-commerce shop on your site.


How easy is the system to learn? Does this cover everything we need our site to do? Can I teach the system to others? Simplicity is great, but things that are over simplified can become very vague. 

Those are the biggest two factors to consider. 

Other factors that to consider is appearance/theme options, expansion and added functions, and mobility. While many DIY services have a limited number of themes and little to no expansion of functions, Most of these services are mobile ready.

In contrast to doing it yourself, there is hiring a professional website developer or consultant as an option. Time is then an issue in regards to when do you need it done, but project creation by them on their time, and you can focus on your business. A good Website consultant or firm will help you show your appearance and needs to make sure the product is best suited to your needs.

In reality, DIY or Hire a Professional really comes down to your needs as a website owner. Dig into your reasons for having a site, research your options, and pick the best suitable solution to your needs.

DIY or Hire a Professional Resources:

Here are several great articles to help you choose the option that is best for you:

WordPress vs. SquareSpace


WordPress vs. WIX


Even a DIY wordpress site vs a professional wordpress site carry a large variety of differences.

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Final Thoughts

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