WordPress:Why MR.D Studios uses it

Why do I use WordPress for businesses, entrepreneur, non-profit sites.The answer: Options and Speed. If you are reading this, you know what WordPress is. If not I recommend going back and visiting: What Is WordPress.

“The best choice you can make in life is the choice with the most options.”

Makes sense if you pigeon-hole yourself into one thing with no options, then there is no room to change or expand if the situation changes. However, If there are more options you have limitless possibilities. Enter WordPress.

As mentioned before, WordPress for Your New Website, offers so many options it’s unreal. With the open organic structure, themes and limitless plugins, a WordPress site can change and rapidly and be modified or updated to meet any need. Let’s look at those three things and see what they mean in detail.

WordPress has an organic structure that is universal. It gives what you are building a strong foundation. WordPress provides a stable platform and avid support for you to grow and build exactly how you want to. If it were a car, it is the base model.

Themes are a major reason in the options of your site. Themes are like the cosmetic changes to the car. It’s the paint job and body kit.  A theme for a WordPress site not only establishes visual appearance, but it is also what dictates the what the site functions for the user. Certain themes have some capabilities that others do not.  the trick is finding a solid theme that supports your end goal and business persona the best.

Lastly plugins. With the scale of the ways WordPress expands, there is no limit on expansion. Even though the theme itself doesn’t contain the every element that you want, Plugins still make it possible for you to add that extra abilities to your site. Complete project management, Social Media Sharing, and custom admin panel appearance are only a couple of the things plugins make possible. Plugins are like the aftermarket parts for your website.

With three tiers of options expansion is limitless. It can meet any need that initially, and more importantly it can meet any need that arises. adaptability makes WordPress an organic site that can always be enhanced to give you stronger web presence. All with minimal hard-coding. 

The level of easy adaptability and customization dramatically cuts down the time it takes to create a new WordPress site. I use WordPress because i deliver for businesses with a rapid rate of turn around time. Quality product at blazing production speed. WordPress is why I average a 3 weeks  turn around.

Together it is a highly adaptable websites that is easy to use and change as your business does. All while providing businesses, entrepreneur, non-profits with a quality results and service. It allows Mr. D Studios as a whole to offer a completely different kind of partnership to businesses. After all, Mr. D Studios is only as successful as the businesses, entrepreneur, non-profits it helps succeed.

Owner, Author, Designer, Consultant

Dylan “Mr. D” Roush is a graphic design professional with over 6 year experience. Based out of Pittsburgh,  Mr. D specializes in WordPress design, print design, typography and illustration.