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by Nov 6, 2015Business, Wordpress

This one is randomly thrown in because the month is almost over and I wanted to share it with you.

I was meeting with a start business here in Pittsburgh earlier this week and the owner asked a question that I wanted to be able to answer as clearly as possible:

“What makes a Mr. D Studios Site different or better than a site through Site? sites are free.”

It took a longer period than expected to have the man across the table from me understand the difference.  Not that he was dumb, my answer was fumbled. It felt like a bunch of vaguely related terms falling out of my mouth. Although I recovered the ball, I feel like I could have played that game a lot cleaner. It was personally embarrassing.

Never. Again. EVER.

After educating myself on the difference, it is very simple. Mr. D Studios wordpress sites are custom built for businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, organizations, and people who want a full personal site. is a free hosted blog site.

Mr D Studios WordPress Sites do not belong to me, Mr. D,  or the Studios. It is owned by the client. They own it because they paid for it. There are no limits to content, themes, plugins, and modifications. There is are the costs of designing, developing, and hosting the site. sites are “free”.  “Free” means there is a catch. If you have a site, there are catches. Ads are posted to the sites, without permission unless you pay to be ad free. Your site is limited to 3GB for more space you have to pay. If you want you own advertisements, you have to split the profits. If they don’t like your content, theme, or plugin they can shut off you site. With these and many other issues, firmly separate the two. I hope the difference is clearer.

A great article that helped me figure it all out is over at WPBeginners, with a solid infographic and pros & cons. Definitely worth a read if you have any questions.

***Another great article for the difference between and is at Start Blogging Online written by Mike Wallagher. His info graphic is very spot on too.***

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